Language of the Bear Review

Language of the Bear - Evan Ronan, Nathanael Green

3.5/5 stars

*Disclaimer: I received this book from Goodreads First Reads, but all my opinions are my own.*


This is not my usual genre of book, but how in the world do you turn down a book about an English colonist and a Native American going on an assassination mission?! Such an interesting concept in my opinion, and the writing style was generally enjoyable which isn’t always so in books with multiple authors. Green and Ronan did a good job of working their styles together rather than having them compete for the limelight.


The characters were likeable, or quite the opposite depending on who we’re talking about, and their motives for their actions were clearly discernible. I can still clearly remember the scene that got me fully invested in the book:


“Omnia vincit amor.”

“Is this another saying of dead people?” he asked.

“It means we just might survive.”


The Latin phrase means love conquers all. He sees that because they are both there for the woman they love they stand a chance. Even most romance novels don’t make me aww like that scene did. From that point on I was rooting for Pyke and Wolf Tongue all the way. I hope you’ll give this book a chance if you enjoy historical fiction and let me know how you liked it.