Flowers in the Attic Review

Flowers in the Attic - V.C. Andrews

3/5 stars

A dismal story of loss, neglect, and abuse. The children are punished for a mistake made by their mother years ago and have to be hidden away until she can make her father okay with the fact that she has children. With every chapter the story gets deeper and more intense. V.C. Andrews wove a depressing, yet intriguing story.


This is a story that was recommended to me several years ago that I never bothered to actually read. Now I’m glad that I found the time because it was such an emotional and entirely uncomfortable experience. I do give credit to V.C. Andrews though, I knew a big portion of what was happening and why before reading it and she still managed to make me care about this story that takes place in mostly the same room.


I didn’t love it as much as everyone I’ve ever heard talk about it but I did find it entertaining despite being a bit cringe-worthy at times. And I think when I get the time and the desire I will read Petals on the Wind and continue the tale of the Dollanganger children.