Icebreaker Review

Icebreaker (The Hidden Trilogy) - Lian Tanner

3.5/5 stars
*Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.*

I stumbled across this and the cover made me want to know about it, similarly, the synopsis only made me more excited. Petrel is a casteless girl on a ship comprised of three warring tribes. She doesn’t fit in with anybody there but knows the ship better than everyone else from all the time she's spent hiding in the shadows. A young nameless boy gets picked up by the ship, but something’s not right about him. How did he get on the iceberg? Who is he? The crew doesn’t even trust each other, much less this stranger…

I connected with Petrel very quickly. I related with her loneliness and that sense of not belonging. I couldn’t quit reading it and was pleased with where the story took me. I had high hopes that I would like this book, and it did not let me down. It’s a quick read and an entertaining one at that. It’s an interesting Dystopia set on a ship that never stops in a world where people fear machines. The characters are an interesting lot and ones you’ll come to love, because despite their quirks they all love their home.