Muirwood: The Lost Abbey Review

Muirwood: The Lost Abbey Graphic Novel (Kindle Serial) (Legends of Muirwood) - Jeff Wheeler, Matthew Sturges, Dave Justus, Alex Sheikman, Lizzy John

3/5 stars
*Disclaimer: I received a copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.*

This is a review over the first issue of the kindle serial titled Muirwood: The Lost Abbey. The art had a nice, dark style going on that fit the story being told perfectly. The transitions from page to page and even at times panel to panel felt jumpy to me. This may have something to do with my inexperience with the Muirwood stories in general. That being said, it presented a first look for me at an interesting world and now I can’t wait to read some of the novels by Jeff Wheeler. I do hope to follow this serial as they are all released. It’s a good start to what could be a great story, but that’s all this was, a very brief introduction to the story the serial will tell. Hopefully as the story goes on I will follow it and raise my rating as the tale unfurls.