Bookcase on Indiegogo

So this newer book subscription is looking at getting an online store and the rewards on Indiegogo are pretty awesome. The option that I opted for was 5 months of their 3 book service for $50 dollars (saving $40 dollars overall) so that means I'm getting 15 books for $50 dollars over the next few months and helping get this interesting new subscription box of the ground! :) Also I've talked to the guy in charge and he's a nice guy, part of why I didn't hesitate in donating the money. I'll leave some links below and look into it if you think it sounds interesting at all. :D (Sorry to bombard y'all with advertising in a way, I figured if any of the groups of people I talk to would be interested it'd be my booklikes friends!)


The main bookcase site.

The indiegogo page


If anyone has any questions feel free to ask me and I'll do my best to answer you.