Lamp Black, Wolf Grey Review

Lamp Black, Wolf Grey - Paula Brackston

3/5 stars
*Disclaimer: I won this book from Goodreads First Reads, all my opinions are my own.*

Overall I enjoyed the book, though I think I was hoping for more. The story is split between the present day and back when Merlin was young living in the Welsh mountains. For the majority of the book I much preferred the story of Megan to Laura's. This made the story tough to read because I would get into the story then it would switch to the other time period drawing me out of the moment. So up until the last fourth of the book I couldn't maintain my interest.

I can't find much to say about this book but I did tend to enjoy the writing style overall. My plan is to try a different Paula Brackston story and hopefully relate to the story more than I did this time.