Glass Review

Glass - Ellen Hopkins

What have I done? And more: What will I continue to do?


In comparison to Crank, Glass feels much less poetic. The story that was actually told was pretty good but that’s not the reason I read the book. I already knew a big chunk of what would happen from interviews with Ellen Hopkins. I picked up the book looking for rhythmic narrative poetry but for some reason it fell flat for me. I can’t catch the rhythm and to me it read sort of like a choppy journal. I much preferred Crank where you had to pay attention more to what was going on. Glass tends to just tell you what is going on without hiding anything. In this difference it lost me.


I also had a big problem with being unable to relate to Kristina this time around. I think I should have seen that as a good thing, like wow the drugs have changed her to someone unrecognizable but instead it made the book even harder to connect to. While I didn’t enjoy this book in comparison I plan to still read Fallout, and hope that I can forge a connection this time around.