Messenger Review

Messenger (The Giver, #3) - Lois Lowry

4/5 stars


Lois Lowry writes well, and I think the fact that amazes me the most is that she turned this story into a good quartet when she never intended for there to be more books after The Giver. Admittedly I gave this 4 stars when it probably deserved 3 but I can’t help it. I know if I read it when I was a kid it would be 4 stars. The fact is it really is a children’s book, but a well-written children’s book. It doesn’t come off as childish or immature. Actually it has more maturity in the writing than some Young Adult and Adult books that I have read before. It ties things together more despite being the third book about a different character. I really like the way Lowry went about the books. It wouldn’t have the same effect if they had all been told from Jonas’ perspective. When well done multiple perspectives are great, you can see things through different eyes, feel what everyone feels, and understand the characters you are devoting your time to better. And in this series Lowry hit the nail on the head with multiple perspective storytelling.