Petals on the Wind Review

Petals on the Wind - V.C. Andrews

This book was horrible, I'm actually appalled at how highly rated this trainwreck of a sequel is. 


You'd assume in a book full of characters I'd have felt an attachment to more than just Carrie. I believe in a way that's the main reason I pushed through this crap. I had to know what happened to the only Dresden Doll that I could connect with.


Cathy is awful. You can only blame someone for your issues for so long before you have to take responsibility. Every bad choice you make can't be laid on someone else's shoulders. After 6 or so years you have to grow the fuck up. And that's a major issue with this book Cathy uses her mother's mistake to justify every bad choice she makes down the road. People use trama in different ways some become what they hate and some avoid it. Cathy had a chance to not be another version of her mother and she failed, though if you ask her I'm sure that's Mama's fault too.


Every man in this book was the same exact person just modified a tiny bit. I love Cathy but I'm an old doctor who raped my wife. I love Cathy but I'm a young doctor who's her brother. I love Cathy but I'm an abusive dancer. I love Cathy but I'm a lawyer married to her mom. You see the problem here. You don't write a good book by writing half the characters the same. People are complex and majorly varied and VC Andrews managed to forget that and wrote boring characters.


I think what pisses me off more than anything is how shitty the book was as a whole but that I'm still considering reading the 3rd book.