Outlander Review

Outlander - Diana Gabaldon

3/5 stars


Me and this book had major ups and downs. I found that while reading it I would get totally engrossed in the story, though at times I found it to be ridiculously dramatic. But when I would stop reading for the night it would be over a week before I cared to pick it up again. So how do you rate a book like this? I give it 3 stars, much lower than most people I know who've read it, sadly. It was good and fun but also frustrating and repetitive at times. I do definitely want to both read the next book and watch the Starz series though so maybe the rating being on the average side is unfair? I can't decide, all I know is that my feelings were too conflicting to give this book a higher rating. I think you should read it and decide for yourself, because I may just be being overly critical.