The Wishing Spell Review

The Wishing Spell - Chris Colfer, Brandon Dorman

The Land of Stories is the world I wanted to be real with all my heart when I was 10. Alright, who do I think I'm kidding, I still do. I was never a girly girl but I've always loved fairytales and that's something I won't outgrow.

Colfer's story is fun, whimsical even,while still managing to get across lessons the way fairytales originally intended. Biggest complaint for me is a tie between predictability and a writing style I didn't love. Predictability because halfway through the book I had correctly guessed 3 major reveals that came in the final chapter, granted I'm much older than the target age group. The writing style, while not my favorite, wasn't enough to ruin the book for me. Colfer had a habit of using short choppier sentences and telling emotions of everyone rather than conveying how they were feeling in other ways. But mostly no matter what calamity came their way they had it solved within 2 pages. Too much good luck and coincidence for my taste. Still, I found it to be a fun read and am planning on reading more of the series.

Ending thought: Holy crap Brandon Dormer can draw. I want him to come do a portrait on my bedroom wall, his art style is just, wow. Whatever he got paid triple it. Perfect choice of illustrator for such a fun middle grade book, it has one of the most beautiful covers I've ever seen.