The House Review

The House - Christina Lauren

*Disclaimer: I recieved this book in a Goodreads First Reads Giveaway, my review is honest and all opinions are my own.*

I'll admit it; I'm woman enough. I saw this book and was just in the mood for a haunted house story. I didn't read the synopsis at all for once and went in completely blind. Turns out I am not the target audience for this book at all. Yes, I fit the age range and the horror angle but overall the romance didn't work for me. I have to be tricked into reading a romantic story like in Throne of Glass. She brought me into the story first, made me love Celaena and the world around her and THEN she did the lovey dovey stuff and I ate it up. Romance-centered novels too often, for me, feel forced. That's my opinion but if you like romance you might enjoy it more.

So, The House was a bit out there. It was...strange, but personally I enjoy strange and macabre. Unfortunately, as I said before, the whole romance just fell flat for me. It wasn't eased into at all, it was more of the entire world knew that they would be together since the day they were both born. And since the romance was the thing that kept the story moving the book overall started to fall flat for me. It did manage to be creepy at times, so I had no problem trucking through but when all was said and done I just found it alright.

I feel a bit bad in a way though, if I had read the synopsis I would have known right away that it probably wasn't the book for me. Note to future self: Pay attention you moron!