Fangirl Review

Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell
“I'm rooting for you.”

To me this book was magic. Rainbow Rowell wrote the most realistic characters each with their own fear and flaws, even when they were hidden under layers of confidence. It was honest, bordering on brutal honesty. She tackled family drama, college life, and new relationships with a style of writing that I found impossible to put down. Actually this book screwed up my sleep schedule for the week because I stayed up until 6 am reading it.

I related with Cath so easily it amazed me. The same anxiety and awkwardness that's in me I saw on the page. Feeling like the messed up one who's worried they won't be able to function in life, that's me. At one point I laughed so hard because Cath mentions “as long as she was worrying about it, it probably wasn't going to happen.” I've done that exact thing my entire life. I always think about the worst thing that could possibly happen and relax a little knowing that since I expect it to, it won't. The only time I've explained that thought process to anyone they called me crazy, so imagine my instant happiness when someone else gets it. She may be crazy too, but it meant the world to me not to feel alone.

The book made me smile all the way through. It did the same cheeky humor that I use in my everyday life. Everything about this book felt real to me. It's rare to see an author who can capture the way I both think and speak and manage to do it in such an interesting way. Also I bloody love when an author has a full-fledged book (or movie) inside of what I'm reading. Not only is she writing this brilliant contemporary romance but she's managing to pull off not only the Simon Snow novels by another author and by her main character. Think about it. She managed to make the writing styles between Gemma, Nick, and Cath all separate sounding. That's just brilliance.

I applaud Rainbow Rowell and this masterpiece that is now among my favorites and I can't wait to read Carry On! That whole concept blows my mind. She's now made a book that's a “fanfiction” of another book she created in her first one, it's just too much!

“I'm going to go drown myself in the moat. Tell my mother I always knew she loved me best.”