The Dragon Round Review

The Dragon Round - Stephen S. Power

*I received a copy of the book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.*


The Dragon Round gave me conflicting feelings all the way through. The writing wasn't my favorite too much he did this, he said that, for my tastes. And of course as others have said it was over detailed at times. The underlying story was fascinating though, a bit on the darker side of humanity though. If you're looking for a happy story with nice characters this isn't it. Self-preservation and coin is the name of the game with the Hanoshi, murder and sex with the Ynessi, though I've yet to learn much of the ways of the Aydeni I'm sure it will be a big aspect of book two (assuming there is one).


This book has been getting quite harsh ratings so far but I really think it's worth a look. Of course if you don't like revenge as a motive or dragons in general then this isn't recommended because those are two major aspects of the book. I was going to give the book a three star rating based on the writing style and most of the book. I decided on a 3.5 because of the brave chances Power's took. He did two things that aren't always well-received: The Dragon Round wasn't driven by romance, and there was no overtly happy ending. I applaud both, too many books follow the same basic rules and it gets boring after awhile. This was a refreshingly different story from most of what I read, no love triangles, no invalid reasons for characters to have conflict, and I was actually worried for the fate of main characters.


Overall I'd say if you're a bit of a cynic and love fantasy stories give this one a read. I still don't adore the style in general but it wasn't unreadable just caused me to slow pace a bit. I really hope this one gets a book two because the setup is there and I'm curious to see where Powers plans to take things.