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Oz: The Complete Collection (All 14 Oz Books, with Illustrated Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and Exclusive Bonus Features) - Denslow,  W.W., L. Frank Baum, Maplewood Books My Fair Junkie: A Memoir of Getting Dirty and Staying Clean - Amy Dresner
— feeling money

I used to be so active around this community, and Goodreads both. I think 90% of my time back then was spent reading, buying books, reading blogs, adding to my shelves, writing my own reviews, etc. Reading was my whole world, literally my favorite thing to do and the only thing keeping me pushing through the rough days I'd rather lay in bed and hide from the world. I quit visiting and reading and enjoying this pasttime as much when I got a second job (and for a month and a half a third) and a boyfriend right around the same time. My time spent cuddled with a book went down to zero and my stress felt like it tripled. Over the next couple of months I fought with that boyfriend constantly and we eventually parted ways, quit 2 of my jobs, and my brother died on Christmas morning. It made my birthday on the 26th the weirdest day of my life, people trying to offer completely unwanted congratulations hoping it would cheer me up, it did not. I hid at home every day for 2 months almost, working at my only job left very little and partaking in unhealthy habits to ease the pain a little. Mid-February I met a guy who was in a similar situation, having had his girlfriend die in his arms the year before, and we became inseparable. We both loved each other but still had habits of easing the pain in unhealthy ways. This all culminated in a psychotic break in me, losing my final job, and a severe depression/borderline agoraphobia that had me hiding in the dark of my room clinging to him most of the time. That was towards June & July of last year, he started hurting from seeing me that way all the time and he helped me get out of bed. He forced me to shower and follow my medicine regiments, encouraged meditation as well as journaling, and tried his best to get us both clean. We had slip-ups here and there but we've been clean for awhile now and that's a great feeling. We started doing amazing around September and October. We were clean, we were 100% in love and happy to have come through the rough times we had both experienced, and we got good jobs, the best we'd ever had, selling insurance. Right around the time the amount we were making was going to go up by 50% per hour his grandmother started having major health issues and we were notified that she wasn't going to live into 2018. We talked about it in depth and chose that we had to lose the jobs to go see her when the estimated time dropped to 72 hours. His mother never took care of him, that loving lady raised him and cared for him his entire life and $18/hr is not worth the pain that would have come with us not getting to say goodbye to another loved one. We attended the funeral and had another period of mourning, doing our best to keep moving forward no matter how hard. We stalled out for awhile but we never went backwards. In December I had put out several job applications and hardly anyone would even take my calls when I tried to check on the status of them. I got very disheartened and felt useless and had another bout of depression where I stayed in bed all day every day. He again helped me come out of it and while waiting to get hired in the last little bit we have thrown our selves headfirst into the cryptocurrency world. He had experience with it, I am a total beginner. We've gotten fairly lucky with it and the $50 we took from my Birthmas money has grown to nearly $1000 worth in our current assets. It wasn't as effective as leaving the house to work every day for making me feel useful, but it has definitely helped as some of the money has been enough to feed us, and handle the necessities so far. The two that I'm obsessed with currently: Viberate & Teleport. Viberate's vision is to be a live music resource that gives garage bands more of a chance to get discovered and booked easily. I love small bands, and music in general and the company has been amazing so far making progress and even giving out their token free initially to the users building up the database. It's probably what I'm looking forward to most this year, just following the project and helping when I can. It convinced me to get back into music and the last month has gone much smoother with me listening to music constantly which helps me manage my emotions. Teleport could be described as Uber for drones, the hosts rent them out and charge them for a fee so everyday people can do projects without having to drop the amount of money to get one of that quality. Me and my boyfriend love drones, we're both excited about this one. We've been trying so hard to raise up the money to buy into being a host/owner because we believe in the project. Not trying to talk your ear off about it but there are definitely cryptocurrency projects of every type, no matter what your need or interest you can find a group out there working towards that. As for books, because even though my reading has slowed to a crawl, that's why I use the blog in the first place and they'll always be my first love.

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